Made in England
With No Plastics or Man-Made Fibres
Re-Worked and Recycled Materials
Something new from something old
Timeless and Quality, Items Made with Care in England

Coat made from Vintage Linens with Hand Embroidery



Why we love this. 

This cute little Coat is made from vintage linens and is embellished with hand threadwork.  It is unique so no one else will have one.  The hand decoration on it has to be seen to be believed and is just stunning  The shape of it suits every one - so if your looking for something for a special occasion or just want something a bit different this could be what you're looking for.


  • Made in England
  • Machine washable (with care)
  • 100% Linen
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons
  • All Vintage Hand Worked Fabric

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