Made in England
With No Plastics or Man-Made Fibres
Re-Worked and Recycled Materials
Something new from something old
Timeless and Quality, Items Made with Care in England

Brown Cow Company has been creating stylish clothes for Women since 1991 and started from a Market Stall in Greenwich’s famous Graft Market in London.

The Company was created to full fill the need for clothing that is stylish, practical and reliable and we believe in Quality not Quantity.

Our forever unique clothing creates the frame and not the whole picture - giving the wearer the confidence to be themselves. Our pieces do not date and we have no seasonal changes to our range.

Although we add new shapes regularly, these will not replace older designs - so if you have a favourite piece you will always be able to buy it again in the future.

All our pieces are Made in England and wherever possible our Finest Quality Fabrics are sourced from with the UK. From start to finish - no one is taken advantage of in the making-up of our distinct clothing.

We use all Natural Cotton and Silk Threads to put our garments together. Not only is this better for the environment these natural fibres do not melt and will not cause the black and sticky mess that man-made fibres will on a hot iron.

We finish all our Clothing by hand and Buttons are attached firmly.


Why Choose the Brown Cow Company

We believe that you get back what you put in and no one is taken advantage of in the manufacture of our Clothing. 

Our Fabrics are all Natural and Ethically Sourced.

Our Designs are well thought through in every way and are less fashion clothes for women and more stylish and reliable garments that will last for many years. 

Our message is be yourself - not a version of someone else.


Natural, Sustainable Fabrics

You can’t improve on Nature and we use only the finest quality Natural Fabrics and threads. Our Buttons are Mother of Pearl which are made from Sea Shells.

We are saturating our Planet with a host of Man-Made fibres and Plastics that are bad for the environment and damaging to Wildlife. We can all change this by doing our bit.

Here at the Brown Cow Company we do not believe in ‘pile it high - sell it cheap’. A few well made and cleverly designed pieces are far more useful and satisfying than constantly shopping for cheap things that are never quite right. 


A Message from Sally - our Founder.

About 30 years ago I bought a Shirt. It was very expensive and at the time I felt guilty that I’d spent so much. The fact that I’ve still got it after all this time rather proves that I need’nt have worried. 

‘Pile it high - sell it cheap’ is a false economy to me and a few well chosen pieces will last you for years and never date and save you money in the long term. 

So much of the Clothing on the High Street is based on what Celebrities are seen wearing - mostly when they are ‘on display’ on the Red Carpet. But Real Life is not like that - not even for them. 

Filtering out the ‘White-Noise’ of the advertising industry is hard - phrases such as ‘Beach Ready’, ‘brown is the new black’ - are designed to appeal to our insecurities to make us buy more and more stuff.

Human’s communicate in all sorts of ways and more than just the spoken word. Personally I’d pass on life-changing brain surgery if the lady surgeon approached me wearing 6” heels and crop top.

Personally I want clothing that I can rely on and live in. I don’t want to have to think about it for more than five minutes in the Morning. I started the Brown Cow Company because it is hard to find reliable and well made clothing. Nothing looks or feels quite right - which leads to buying more and more. 

I have put together some well worked out pieces of clothing that I have tried out myself and altered until I felt they were right. I have thought about everything from start to finish - the shape - the fabric and the ethics. I hope you’ll join me in changing the way our Clothing is both Sourced and Designed.