Made in England
With No Plastics or Man-Made Fibres
Re-Worked and Recycled Materials
Something new from something old
Timeless and Quality, Items Made with Care in England

What is a Special Order?

Off-the-Peg Clothing only came into being during the second World War for convenience. Prior to that we all made our own clothes or had them made for us and therefore they fitted.

The sizing system is cumbersome and some people just feel defeated when nothing seems to work for them. This is the fault of the Fashion Industry and not the individuals concerned.

We are able to offer an adjustment service on some of our clothing, which includes altering the finished length of your order and also the length of the sleeves. This will incur an extra charge and we’re sorry about that. This will be added to the item’s description.

If you have any further requirements please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.