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We are pleased to announce that we are launching a Service to alter and repair your clothing.  If the moths have been making a meal of your favourite Cashmere jumper or you loved jeans have just seen a bit too much wear and are beginning to fall apart, why not let us breathe new life into them?

We use embroidery, Sashiko stitching to darn, embellish and decorate any unsightly areas, to make a feature of them as if they where meant to be there, so that your clothing evolves into something new.  

It is endless what can be done, so rather than replace clothes, why not talk to us about what we can do to liven up your old pieces of clothing.  No two repairs are the same, so you will also own something that is unique to you.

We also now do Tailored Alterations, so rather than throw something away because it no longer fits, why not let us reshape and alter it?



March 11, 2019 by Sally Ronaldson

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